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I just got a new phone, how do I restore my data on my new phone?

First, you can restore Fitlist premium (required to sync data) under settings > upgrades > restore purchases. When you get a new phone purchases for apps (any app) are not automatically transferred.

After you do that, you can log into your Fitlist account. If you are already logged in, you can sync your data from your last backup under settings > data > sync data.

I installed Fitlist on another device, but don’t see my upgrades. What do I do?

You can apply Fitlist premium and other purchases under settings > upgrades > restore purchases.

How do I add supersets?

To use the supersets feature, in a saved workout you can now swipe on the exercise name to start a superset and link exercises.  When creating a workout, after you add your list of exercises if you swipe to the left you will see an option for ‘Start Superset’.  This will be the first exercise in your superset.  For the exercises you wish to include in that same superset, if you again swipe to the left you’ll be able to link additional exercises in that superset.  In order for this to work you will need to specify how many sets are within each exercise of the superset, you can do this by tapping on the exercise and adding sets.

Where can I see history by exercise?

For premium users, on the page of any given exercise you will see a chart icon.  Tap the chart icon to view all past logged history for that exercise by date.  For strength exercises you will see a breakdown of all sets with reps and weight, for cardio you will see all details you’ve logged such as distance and duration.

How do I start a workout on the Watch?

To start a workout, first start by loading your workout on your phone.  Once you’ve loaded your workout on your phone, launch the Fitlist app on your Apple Watch.  Tap the first exercise to start.

How do I delete an exercise?

Swipe left on the exercise, press delete.


How do I delete a set?

Swipe left on the set, press delete.

What do I get with Premium?

Below are the list of current features that are associated with fitlist premium, however we’re constantly adding even more features!

  • Save unlimited workout routines
  • View detailed exercise history
  • View progress charts for all exercises
  • Access pre-built workouts
  • Securely back up all of your Fitlist data
  • Use Fitlist without any ads

How do I create my own exercises?

Start by pressing the ‘+’ button on the home screen to add a new exercise.  On the add exercise page, you will see another ‘+’ button in the top right hand corner of the screen.  Press this button to create your own cardio or strength exercise and enter the details below:

  • Pick a name for the exercise
  • Select the type (strength vs cardio)
  • Pick the attributes you need (distance, duration, resistance etc.)

Hit save and your new exercise will appear in the list.

How do I load a saved workout?

The option to load is visible on the main workout screen (with dates showing at the top) if you tap the “…” button at the bottom of the screen.  This will bring up the option to load a workout.  If you select ‘load workout’ a list of your saved workouts will appear, just select the one you wish to use and the exercises will be loaded.

Before you load a workout, you can edit / create a workout using the “my workouts” section.

Photo Aug 07, 8 20 02 AM

To load a workout once it has been created:

1.  Navigate to “my list”, tap the “…” button at the bottom of the screen to bring up the menu.

Photo Aug 07, 8 19 11 AM


2. Select “Load saved routine”, you will see a list of your workouts.

Photo Aug 07, 8 19 15 AM


3. Select the workout you wish to load.

Photo Aug 07, 8 28 02 AM



4. The workout will be loaded for the day.

Photo Aug 07, 8 19 50 AM

How do I save a workout?

Saving workouts is available through the main workout screen (with dates showing at the top) if you tap the “…” button at the bottom of the screen.  This will bring up two options to either save or load workouts.   Once you tap save, simply enter a name and the list of exercises in the workout will be saved.  You can also specify additional options such as including reps, weight, sets and notes.

How do I add exercises?

Simply click on the ‘+’ icon on the top hand corner of the screen.  You’ll be brought to a page where you can search for any exercise, find the exercise you’re looking for then tap it to add it to your workout.

How do I reorder exercises?

On the main workout screen, simply press and hold an exercise that you want to move and you can drag it to wherever you need.

Is Premium a one-time charge or monthly?

Upgrading to Fitlist premium is just a one-time charge. Once you upgrade, you have all of the premium features forever.

Why do I need a Fitlist account?

A Fitlist account allows you to see extra information in a dashboard view. Additionally, if you are a premium user it will allow you to safely back up your data.

How do I edit custom exercises?

Custom exercises can be edited/removed by going to the settings page within Fitlist. On this page you will see an item for ‘Edit Custom Exercises’.

Why are my calories burned 0?

If your calories burned are showing zero for a cardio exercise, please ensure that your weight has been entered in your Fitlist profile.  Weight is required to calculate calories.

How do I log a set on the watch?
  1. Once you are on the screen for the exercise you are doing on your Watch, you will see a ‘+’ button in the lower left hand corner (if you loaded a saved workout with sets, your sets will already be listed.)
  2. Tap the ‘+’ button to start recording your set.
  3. For strength exercises you will be able to edit the reps and the sets.  Use the + / – buttons to quickly increase or decrease values.
    • Reps will change values by 1, weight will change by increments of 5.
    • You can also tap on the value itself to access easy entry screens for reps / weight.  Simply tap the value you want to increment your value, for example if you are lifting 35lbs, tap +25 and then +10.
  4. Once you have completed your entries, tap the checkmark button to mark as complete.

Why don’t strength exercises calculate calories?

There aren’t scientific calorie calculations for strength exercises as there are for cardio. The most accurate way is to use a heart rate calculation for this, we’ll be exploring this once Apple allows us to leverage heart rate with the Apple Watch.

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