Fitlist + Apple Watch is a match made in workout heaven.

Your favorite fitness app, now from your wrist.

Fitlist for the Apple Watch is here. Now you can track all of your workouts directly from your Watch. Gone are the days of tracking all of your workouts on your notepad. Fitlist + Apple Watch is a match made in workout heaven, once you train with Fitlist you’ll never be able to train without it again.

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Log any exercise with the push of a button

When you load Fitlist for Apple Watch, we’ll show all of your exercises for the day. If you don’t have anything planned, no problem! Simply load one of your saved workouts from your Watch and start training with your strength and cardio exercises.

Strength tracking made simple

Fitlist was designed to be used while you’re exercising, and that goes double with the Apple Watch. Our strength tracking lets you easily edit your reps and weight, so you can focus more on working out and less on tracking. All of Fitlist for iPhone’s intelligence is here too, so we’ll remember your past sets to make workouts a breeze.

Automatic Timers

As soon as you complete a set Fitlist will automatically start your rest timers and let you know when it’s time for your next set.

Smart Weight Entry

How do you enter weights on the small screen of an Apple Watch? We built a custom calculator that will let you add weights easier than ever.

All Exercises

With Fitlist for the Apple Watch, you can track any of our thousands of exercises live – cardio or strength.

Live Cardio Tracking

Fitlist for Apple Watch in our first update will allow you to time any of your cardio activities. We’re also working on adding live tracking features for cardio to also track your distance with GPS, so stay tuned!